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Weekly Schedule 

In-person Practice with Google Meet Access

The center has re-opened for in-person group practice (masks are optional). Google Meet access will continue to be provided for most sessions (see below). All sessions are donation based; your generosity keeps our door open.


5:30 PM Beginner's Instruction (no need to register, just show up by 5:30 PM)

6:00 PM Meditation in-person and on Google meet**

Closed on 1/15 & 2/19.



6:00 PM Meditation in-person, one 25 minute sit followed by a discussion over a chapter of the Zen Teachings of Homeless Kodo. all reading will be done in the room on the day.


10 AM Chanting and Meditation in-person

*Schedule subject to change; please check this page, sign up for our e-newsletter or visit our Facebook page for any schedule change.  

**If you would like to receive the Google meeting link, please sign up to our e-newsletter.

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