The Paramita of Dana (practicing generosity)

The teachings are offered without cost, as they are considered priceless. However, we practice the paramita of dana, or generosity, and give what we can in order to sustain our practice.


If you would like to provide us with continuous financial support, please sign up to be a pledged member at the center or via email addressed to our treasurer. To donate, you can drop off at the center in person, mail us a check or use the PayPal link below (PayPal charges a processing fee).

Your generous donations support our ongoing offerings to the community. Please mail checks to:


Lincoln Zen Center

3710 O Street #204

Lincoln NE 68510

Lincoln Zen Center is a registered NE non-profit organization. Your donations are tax deductible. Please include your name with cash donation especially if you are a pledged member. If you are a pledged monthly donor, we will email you a yearly summary at the end of calendar year.

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