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Becoming a Member

You are Welcome at Our Sangha
The Lincoln Zen Center is a welcoming sangha dedicated to Zen meditation and opportunities to learn about Buddhism. When you become a member of the Lincoln Zen Center, you are helping to foster a place where people can learn and grow from their meditation practice. 
You belong here. Make it official – join the sangha at the Lincoln Zen Center and support the values, opportunities, and Buddhist practice embodied here by becoming a member. 

How to Join
You become a member by simply committing to a recurring monthly donation to LZC in any amount you choose between $20 and $100.  If you are able, a monthly donation in a larger amount helps cover those who are unable to commit to a monthly monetary gift currently.
Please click on the image below to join.

Membership Benefits
When you support LZC, you may also:
- Vote in the election of board members and officers every November
- You’ll receive a discount on tuition for book studies and other events

Your Support is Important
Lincoln Zen Center is supported entirely by donations. By becoming a member, you are investing in the Lincoln Zen Center's long-term sustainability, supporting our capacity to offer zazen, book studies, retreats, and other events free or at low cost, while covering our basic expenses.

Your support makes all the difference!

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